Looking to relocate

Myself, my mother and my father Moved to Valencia (casinos near Lliria) in 2009 and started a villa rental business, I met the man of my dreams, got engaged and found out I was expecting a baby in September 2010, Joshua arrives in April 2011 and his father left 11 days later(he was British and lives in Torrente)
The Villa rental was a huge success but myself and my son moved into the villa in August 2014
We are now (April 2016) looking to relocate to the Elche area (My son speaks English, Spanish and Valenciano)
It's been a success with many hurdles as we were conned by the estate agents, builder and lawyers and lost thousands
Hoping to find a new and happy life
We love it here In Valencia but need a fresh start
Looking for Information on 1) schools 5 years old 2) reliable estate agents, 3) people living in the area
Katy xxx

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