LOVE Bali? Want to Stay in Touch?

For the past 15 years, one of the best ways to stay in touch and keep current with the news from Bali is to subscribe to the free weekly newsletter called Bali Update.

This is published by Jack Daniels who is one of Bali’s best known and respected expats.  His company, Bali Discovery is the longest operating and highest regarded travel business on Bali. 

Time magazine once referred to Jack’s weekly newsletter as “Bali’s Truth Ministry.”  Indeed, his articles are accurate, truthful and highly informative.

The link below will take you to the current issue…

Nice link. I read several news outlets most mornings, and that has been added to the list. I like sites that collects news from a variety of publications as they give an interesting overview of what's going on.
The toll road piece was especially interesting, giving some clue as to disposable income available to Bali's population and how tight their personal budgets are.

Nice link.

Glad you like it.  I read it every week, and in particular to find out what great events might be going on.  A lot of expats use Jack to book tickets for various events, including myself. 

When reporting the "news" he doesn't "pull punches" and tells it like it is, and in a very professional journalist manner.

You've reminded me of a subscription I had for years before leaving Australia, thank you. You correctly report that this newsletter has quality content not only covering Bali.

I 've forgotten to change my (now abandoned) old email address to my current one and will do so to ensure my regular Bali Update email resumes and continues.


Wow, I would love to meet great person like him one of these days!

You mean "brother Jack Daniels?"  That would easy if you seriously want to meet him.  His office is in Sanur, right on the bypass road. 

Bali Discovery Tours, Komplek Pertokoan Sanur Raya No.27, Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai, Sanur, Bali 80227, Indonesia. 


Wow, seriously? That will be amazing!

I would love to have a coffee with him. For the start, I'll be sure to catch up with you first when I'm there, Roy.

I'm planning with some of my friends to fly there this end of year, fingers crossed and hope all is well.

Sounds good Shawn!   :top:

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