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Hi all my name is Hernan i am 22 years old, I am thinking about move to KL by the end of July and I would like to meet persons with business ideas and more.

Btw at the momment I am working with a company that opened office in KL few days ago

Hi Hernan, I am Liu and I saw you message and want to know what is the business you mentioned for and expect to know more clear. you can contact me via**** .Regards.

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Hi Hernan!

I've been living in Malaysia since 2004 and if you're coming here to do business, I would highly encourage it as this country truly is a land of opportunities and it is very easy to have things set up with a few set backs as well but no place is 100% perfect.


Saif Khan

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Hi Hernan, which country are you from, Create new Business ideas can work here.
drop a note what type biz etc then can explore

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