STC ID number


Does anybody know how you can find out the ID number your STC is regustered to?

I am new in Riyadh and do not have my iqama yet. The STC agent used my passport to issue the sim. I need to recharge my credit but do not not know the ID number. I have tried my passport/work ID and the number written by passport control next to my visa. Also rang the STC helpline who say they won't tell me the ID number.

any help would be much appreciated. My phone is desperately low of funds!

Try to use the Entry visa number printed on your passport, it is 10 might work.

Thank you theexpat216. It worked 😊

Hi there!
Recently,  I subscribed to an offer that STC has given since the stopped the 3 months unlimited sim I thought of trying 30GB offer which is of 140 SAR.
So, I recharged 140 SAR and then subscribed. It showed that I have 150 GB!
I was over the moon and all but then after using 5 days what I noticed is that I have only 100GB left. I was taken aback and couldn't believe it. I was like something must be worng here.
It's impossible to finish 50GB within 5 days. Any advice on this?

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