Furniture and household goods stores??????

We are building a villa in Sosua and would like to come down in June to buy all of the furniture, appliances and housewares for it.  I am trying to find out names of stores that we could go to for these items.  Also, would it be advantageous to go to Santo Domingo or Santiago for any of these items?  If so, does anyone know about how much it would cost to transport the items back to Sosua?  And what would be the best way for us to travel there?  I've seen posts that said in some cases it's better to buy some items on eBay and have them shipped, but I'm still trying to figure out how to do that.  I apologize if this question has been asked but I cannot find it in previous posts.  Any and all names of stores that we can visit while down there for a week would be appreciated.

IKEA is in the DR and for a certain value of purchase ships for free to Sosua etc. Linares in Cabarete has a good selection and discounts 10% for cash purchases. Poppaterra has furniture and appliances. I think they also discount for cash. There is a furniture store on the highway near sosua, close to David's tire shop, that sells wicker. Can't remember the name but has a large yellow chair hanging on the fence by their entrance. Hope this helps.

That is very helpful.  Thank you.  Is Poppaterras in Sosua?  What's the best way for us to travel to Ikea?

IKEA is in Santo Domingo. Thought might be to catalogue shop and order on line. You can drive from Sosua to Santo Domingo. Yes poppaterra is in Sosua. Hope that helps.

Ikea is online, you can order and have it shipped to you.  You are best to go to Santiago where you  will have a lot of options.  Many places will deliver for you if you buy enough.  Try to buy all your appliances (for example) in one place and negotiate prices. The more you buy the better the prices. 

Corripio,  Plaza Lama, are both in Santiago and will arrange delivery.  Pricesmart is in Santiago as well and will NOT deliver,  but you can arrange a truck  if you needed. 

It partly depends what you are looking to buy, what style you want etc.   If you want local style furniture they are all over the place.  L & R is now in Puerto Plata, they will deliver and they are very negotiable.  It is very much Dominican style furniture and appliances. And the more you buy the better the price.

Ebay purchases - under US 200 including deliver or you pay tax of 18% and duty!   And then you will pay  about 4 or 5 US dollars per pound to get it from a Miami location to Sosua!    So you want to be very very careful what you buy online.

Corripio is also in Puerto Plata.  We have bought lots of appliances from them (quality and US standards).
All the above mentioned are good as well
Also look at the furniture store of Heidelesa (sp) on the main road in Puerto Plata.  Lots of selection there (some actually good quality) and they deliver and will negotiate a bit.  We have also bought stuff from them.

There is also a store in Sosua Abajo call discount sousa.  Good selection of traditional furniture and mattresses.  We have used them as well.

I would hope your real estate agent could give you some information as well.

Where are you building?

Send me a PM if you want.  I have been living between Sosua and Cabarete for 10 years now and we also built a villa here.

Bob K

I forgot about Hidelisa.  They can be awesome as well...

Yes, Pappaterra has 5% discount for card purchases, 10% cash

Funny I bought a battery (for my lawn tractor) there and they would not give me a discount for cash or CC.

Bob K

There's a furniture store east of Cabarete called Inoa & Reyes...we plan to get tables and night stands, etc there...they had a nice selection (even some appliances) and prices weren't bad...again pay cash!

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