Student looking for summer accommodation in Malta

Hi people,

I am an international student coming to Malta in around a month to do an internship. Until now, I haven't really found anything, it is rather hard to find something. I am coming from end of May until end of September, and as I am a student, my budget cannot exceed 500€ per moth (Which seems to be impossible ;-)). So, I would be very happy for every advice.



Hello miss_chaa

While waiting for some tips from members, I invite you to drop an advert in the Housing in Malta section of the site to increase your chances to find some nice rentals.

Do not forget to subscribe to that section too to be notified whenever there are new rental deals published ;)


If you are looking for a separate place (e.g. an apartment and not shared) you will probably find it extremely difficult.
First of all you are arriving at the peak season when rental prices tend to be higher and also it is a short-time lease you are after, which automatically increases the pricing.
I would suggest to look for shared accomodation - it should be a bit easier. 
Good luck!

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