New in Shanghai - would love to make friends


I am Elouiza and I just moved to Shanghai 2 days ago. I live here with my dad but besides that I don't really know anybody. So I would love to meet some new people and make some friends!

Contact me if you are interested :)

Hi Elouiza,

how long are you going to stay in Shanghai? I from Germany and might come this year in September for work. I studied in Shanghai in 2011 and it was amazing! :) I am sure you will enjoy it!

If you will be still there in fall, we can meet :) Wish you a good time!


Hi, I am Karl, a British Marine Consultant ... live in Shanghai near Jing An Temple, always looking for new friends and acquaintances ... where you from? Do you work in Shanghai? What do you do? where you live?
Get back to me.

Hey Guys,

Jasdeep this side. Mine is similar kinda story. Came to Shanghai 4 days back. I work here in a global consulting firm. Just trying to get handle of the things. Will be here for quite a long time. Looking to meet new ppl and make friends. Lets explore shanghai together :)


Ich suche gerade eine Tandem Partnerin, die Deutsch als Muttersprache spricht. Ich bin CHinesin. Gerade bin ich von Deutschland zurueck nach China gekommen.
Wenn du Interesse hast, dein Chinesisch noch zu verbessern oder neue Freundin kennen zu lernen.
Einfach mir kurze PM schicken. Danke.

Hallo und Ni Hao ;)
Ich heiße Sarah und komme aus Deutschland. Werde voraussichtlich, wenn alles gut geht, im August/September nach Shanghai kommen zum Arbeiten. Falls du bis dahin noch keinen geeigneten Tandempartner gefunden hast, können wir uns gerne gegenseitig Sprachen beibringen.
Viel Spaß in SH und hoffentlich bis bald :)
LG Sarah

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Thank you

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hello ,
welcome to shanghai first of all. do you need to make then share with your we chat lets talk later.

Hello, Samuel here. I'll be a couple of weeks more in SH, if someone wants to have a beer or st just let me know :)

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Welcome to SH , I have been here almost 1 year hope you will enjoy .

Hi ELouiza and Expat Community! My name is Angelina, I'm staying in Shanghai for the next 3 months for work and would like to meet some expats, students or local people being interested in exploring Shanghai/China together, who would like to go for some concerts, sightseeing, dinner, nightlife or anything else. I especially love music and arts. Let me know if you would like to join for some activities!

Hello All,

I'm Polish-Chinese. I work and live in Shanghai. I like Art, photography and coffee.
I would like to meet new friends here.

Contact me if you interested. My wechat: chrisstinearte


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