Gatherings around Salmiya in April

Hi All

New to Kuwait and yet to make friend ,  have not visited any place also.
I wish to know is there any gatherings around Salmiya ?
I stay in Salmiya Block 10 ? 

Would like to hear from you all

Sunny 42

welcome to Kuwait ;)

Hello there!!
So much to do in Kuwait you just have to lookl for Kuwait Marina Crescent always announces events and also u have Boating sea deep fishing if ur into that..Palms Hotel strips lots lots to do and meet you can join a gym in salmiya lots to do as the Cornish Gym by Arabian Gulf offers tons of fun activities...Enjoy
Hope my tips are helpful 👍

Hey guys!

rsvp[at]  this event is open to all .... the 3 Stars will be demonstrating the  art of pastry; CHOC sharing tips on all  kind of desserts...

when & where
radisson blu hotel, kuwait city al asimah governorate kwt

saturday, nov 26 2016 from 4:30--9:30 pm

Please make reservations  is a must..Hope to see you there!

Welcome to Kuwait Sunny!

My name is Jazz, an American living here is Kuwt ...Here are some tips places  to keep u happy & busy>

Marina Crescent  the park is huge.,you could rent a bike, basketball courts, deep sea fishing my brother in law owns and operate a s24 ft boat; great day out for deep sea fishing.. i will be posting Elias face b pictures of his trips!. if u like to work out the holidays inn-  in Salmiya has great classes from beginners salsa-- the list goes on
plz check out my current post for the Radisson Blu in kwt city on nov 26 rsvp[at] with your name to reserve for a fabulous cocktail  showcasing stars in the baking industry .. if u love pets you could check out lots of organizations etc,,PAWS.COM a great way to help out and meet great peo!

I wish you all the best Sunny, I will be posting great tips and places to see
Be safe and God bless!

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