In retrospect, would you move again to Uruguay?

Hi all,

If you had to look back on your expat experience in Uruguay, would you heartily say "let’s do it again"?

From the preparation stage to your actual everyday life in your new country, what did you enjoy the most?

Would you do certain things differently? Could you tell us why?

How would you describe the benefits of your expatriation in Uruguay so far?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience. We look forward to hearing from you!


Hi Christine
I have lived from 2006 to end of 2014 at Punta del Este with my kids, and Have been living in Montevideo since beginning of 2015.
Answerring your answer, no, I won't do it again...
Even if we had some quiet and nice time living at Punta when my children were all younger, I don't think Uruguay is the best place to live
It's etremenly expensive, the job opportunities are very limited and cultural life almost inexistent.
Also, the country has become quite dangerous during the last years. Not so fat, I had a gun shooting at the corner of my house a few weeks ago, in the hearth of Pocitos (the "chic" place to live in Montevideo)
I apologize if my mesaage is not the most positive
I used to be one of those foregner falling in love with Uruguay during the first year of expatriation
But my biew have changed over the years

Yes, I would move again to Montevideo! It was the right decision for us, because Uruguay allowed us to fulfill our dreams of having an authentic Japanese restaurant.

Next time I would make sure to have more savings, because it still will take some time until we can make some profit and live from our business. But well don't we do a lot for living our dream ;)

Yes, we are happy to live here at present. We are in one of the smaller towns, I would never want to live in Montevideo but I don't like cities anyway.
I think if you are retired and have a healthy pension income from somewhere else, you can live here comfortably.
We like the people we have met, the fresh food, the weather - although winter is colder than we would like - and the generally laid back life style.
We probably will not live here forever but for now it suits us fine.

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