In retrospect, would you move again to the United Arab Emirates?

Hi all,

If you had to look back on your expat experience in the United Arab Emirates, would you heartily say "let’s do it again"?

From the preparation stage to your actual everyday life in your new country, what did you enjoy the most?

Would you do certain things differently? Could you tell us why?

How would you describe the benefits of your expatriation in the United Arab Emirates so far?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience. We look forward to hearing from you!


Concerning your question, my answer is NO.

I would not move again to the UAE if I had an option to go to an other country lets say Europe or USA, for work only.

UAE is a nice place, I love it but not a place to have a family or having outside activities that you enjoy due to the hot whether.
There maybe more job opportunities, in the UAE, if you are ''lucky'' and get a job at a ''good company'', which pays your salary on time and not every two months, if you are ''lucky'' and have a good Manager/Supervisor who is not going to tell you after the 3 months probation period ''thank you but we decided not to continue having you as an employ.
As a person who used to live in an area full of trees and green I feel like missing that a lot. 
In the UAE the more money you make the more you spent, so If you are not careful with your spending you may end up with high bills at the end.
But that's life, we can't have them all.
In general I love UAE.

Hi, Interesting topic though, but I guess people who are living here will be very careful responding to this article ( for obvious reasons ).

However I agree with the commentor above up to certain degree but hot weather, it just doesn't make any sense, in UK I suffer from cold and rain, so I appreciate bit of sun, however summer in UAE can be quite challenging but then you adapt.

Do ask me this question in 3 years time when I pack my bags from UAE and I may be able to elaborate on it.

Hello,For me if it's the only alternative, l would say yes....working here if u get a job wouldn't be bad but the process of getting it is the worst as too much racism and discrimination in that most of the employers go to the extent of mentioning the nationality they want(ofcourse you won't find them saying Africans only),wen u reach certain offices,my  God, can't say...but all in all we tend to move out of our countries in search of better jobs and atleast l have managed to work and earn here. But once l leave,l just pray that life home will be better and no need to come back...

oi.. marhaba..
How is it going there,

Well, UAE (Dubayy) is such a nice place forreal. Meeting many people from allover the world made my days. I liked the locals- so friendly indeed.

It's a country i would return to over and over again. The meet-ups were so utterly amazing.

The moment i joined Dubayy, i found it boring, people so introvert. But then i had to work my head around boring and introvert characters.

I made the best of friends back in Dubayy. And forreal i can't rule out a return to Dubayy. 

Dubayy!! Dubayy!! Dubayy!! so much for happy endings. yay


This is one of the most beautiful country I ever visited and stayed. I have been in this country over three decades and lived very happily and experienced the growth from camel to cadillac. I have started my life from zero and all what i have gained, earned and learned is from this soul.

The transformation from desert to oasis and  to palm was unbelievable. The excellent growth this country has shown to the world in a span of 20 years was one of the greatest achievement for any country. The vision and execution of mission to achieve the vision is purely the great visionary of the great leaders. I dont think anywhere you can move around so freely and walk without fear in the middle of the night. As far as you respect every individual and value them their wisdom there is nothing you can fear about in this place.

Its not i would like to move again....Its about not moving out from again.


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Yeah, it is good. Life here is easier than in the Philippines. I enjoy my life here, meeting new friends from all over the world. Having fun under the sun, makes life interesting.

And of course, UAE (Dubai) is tax free... and well... I am always on vacation. The beach is just 5 - 10min from my place. Lots of things to offer and I enjoy being a tourist here.

And I welcome all people from different parts of the world, nice to meet them.

Hello Vinnie,

Yes i agree with you..there are plus and minus in life when the children are grown here. The education level and universities you find in countries like India, NZ or AUS is different from here and also the outlook of life will change once they move out of this comfort zone. I can understand your limitation being locked up in side the 4 walls, but you can always find way to keep yourself busy.

Good luck to find a suitable job which suits your both expectation.



I fully agree with you, but we dont pay direct tax, however we pay lots of other charges. We can consider these are hidden taxes. The difference in other countries are there when you pay taxes your future is protected. Here you still remain as expat and leave the country without anything in hand. If it in Canada or other countries you life is protected at least medical, education and ofcourse pension.



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