In retrospect, would you move again to Paraguay?

Hi all,

If you had to look back on your expat experience in Paraguay, would you heartily say "let’s do it again"?

From the preparation stage to your actual everyday life in your new country, what did you enjoy the most?

Would you do certain things differently? Could you tell us why?

How would you describe the benefits of your expatriation in Paraguay so far?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience. We look forward to hearing from you!


Absolutely do it again.  Paraguay is still the most "pristine" (in terms of lack of expats running amok all over the place) of all South American countries.   Also cheapest to live well in, unless you want to figure in the economic basket cases like Venezuela.   People are friendly, crime is low, land and real estate is cheap  (unless your buying in the central ritzy parts of Asuncion).   And it's stil relatively easy to get residency with very little government regulation or control of your life or wealth.   Issues include corruption, not "business friendly" for investors or business people intent on starting businesses and infrastructure/social safety net is mostly lacking.  That's why it's "cheap" to live here.   So expats with modest outside incomes can do very well here.  Expats who must make a living locally are not going to do well or be happy.   Another 10 years and we'll another Panama or Ecuador probably, but for now, it's great.

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