In retrospect, would you move again to Panama?

Hi all,

If you had to look back on your expat experience in Panama, would you heartily say "let’s do it again"?

From the preparation stage to your actual everyday life in your new country, what did you enjoy the most?

Would you do certain things differently? Could you tell us why?

How would you describe the benefits of your expatriation in Panama so far?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience. We look forward to hearing from you!


Hello Cris! Well i must say i kind of not chose Panama as my expat dream country from the beginning, panama chose me instead. More because of the migration opportunities there were and also because it was easier for my husband (since he doesn't speak English).
Now i have a work and resident permit for 2 years and if i had to decide i would come again to "start" a new life although this is not the place i want to live in forever.
Panama is really great but i cannot spend any other second in a traffic jam or in the rush that is living in a metropolis such as this! I would if i could choose a small town near the city centre but with many ways to have a relax commute to and back from work.

Hello Christine,
Let me rephrase the question: Would I ever move back to the US?
Not unless someone paid me a lot of money to do so.
Would I do the same things?
No, I would not ship my car. It cost me a fortune in duty taxes.

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