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In retrospect, would you move again to Kuwait?

Hi all,

If you had to look back on your expat experience in Kuwait, would you heartily say "let’s do it again"?

From the preparation stage to your actual everyday life in your new country, what did you enjoy the most?

Would you do certain things differently? Could you tell us why?

How would you describe the benefits of your expatriation in Kuwait so far?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience. We look forward to hearing from you!




Could be a beautiful place to live.

Still here - been 3 years and happy to stay, to make the stay easier I've found:

1. Get a car - taxis are expensive and often unreliable. If you're stuck in the same place it can be pretty monotonous. That said...

2. choose the right time to go out - traffic can be awful if you go to the wrong place at the wrong time. Hawally / City / Salmiya / Mahboula at rush hour are a nightmare and need to be avoided if possible.

3. Buy a new car if possible, I did buy a second hand one and spend the same if not more repairing all the faults. There are some special offers with some cars having 5 or 7 year warranties, you can always sell it if you're leaving. Cars keep their value really well. If not get the car fully checked by a mechanic or even better at the dealership so you know the problems. Worth the money.

4. Travel on weekends / holidays. Escaping, even to Dubai for a brunch, helps release the stress and occasional monotony of Kuwait. I get out every vacation.

5. Get someone who speaks Arabic to sort out anything official with the government. Its worth a few kd to save yourself the headache and running around.

mohamed202020 :


Hi Mohamed,

Maybe you can tell us a bit more and give us more details why you will not move to Kuwait again?


Priscilla :)

I have almost 3 years here in Kuwait, and I am very badly to escape from that country. The country is same like India, extremly dirty, traffic is very busy and with lots accidents (your life is in danger every day), climate is bad, very hot in the summer. Food is very bad, mostly conservated. In that country you almost not have any place to go to envoy. Rents are big and the flats are not good cality,

I was in Kuwait for a year and enjoyed it, except for our dishonest Kuwaiti khafeel who managed to get away with never getting us iqamas and ripped us off at every turn. Hawally was a fun place to live and teaching English at Ali al Sabah Military College was a gas, too. Too bad the very horrible Kuwaiti Al Marefa Exemplary Company ruined it for everyone. Kuwait and the Gulf are doomed to failure unless the all-pervasive Wasta culture can be conquered once and for all.

I have already done it twice.  Even then it was a hard decision.  This is going to be my last time here.  Right now I am trying to myself in a position financially to finally get out of this country.  This country offers nothing and the wages are poor for expats.  Yes they are making better wage than they were in their own country.  Most expats could not find jobs in their own country.  The only reason why Kuwait accepts expats here is they don't have enough of their own people to do the work.

As a UK teacher my take home salary is almost double. I believe we're at the bottom of the pay grade for western professionals.

Always will be :(. I need to find a new profession because teachers are not appreciated financially. I mean come on we are shaping the future hello!

Living here for a alittle over a week and I am seeing exactly what your saying.

This is an early opinion seeing I've only been here a a day over a week but FIRST IMPRESSIONS ARE EVERY THING.

I would not move here unless I wa ls living and getting paid like an actual Kuwait citizen. Kuwaiti are rude, see anyone who isn't a Kuwait beneath them and the kids are products of the parents so ugh.

No, as soon as this contract is up I'm out of here.

Plus it's boring. I don't care to shop and im not a foodie. That is all that's to do here, shop and eat.not to mention I've gotten sick both times I eaten out here 😑

I don't think it's with living here for the money (which is good I can't lie) and feeling as though I need to escape the country to get a relax every opportune moment. No id rather be back in the USA.

Mariyse, there are some nice gyms like palms hotel, you can get a teacher discount, that's what most of us do during the week. Try to get yourself out of the country every so often, a nice brunch in dubai is refreshing. I also try to cook at home more than eat out, unless you like arabic food its expensive. But 1600kd a month with almost no bills you can save for a few years and get out. If you're young and especially alone it can be harder.

The last factor is the school! Find a good one and its not too bad, I've heard there are some less than idyllic places to work here. Good luck.

Kuwait is the most boring country as to my grandma's village I can't stand to live there just a day so I did rather be home or find my way into another country, and I think one can enjoy the stay here based on the job he or she apply so is important to weigh the kind of job and how it environment is or else you will cry throughout your stay before you go home. Boring !!!!!!!!!!!! I want to go home before my contract will even end.

"Plus it's boring. I don't care to shop and im not a foodie. That is all that's to do here, shop and eat."

BINGO. That's even my main problem here and I am a citizen.

You know it's really funny.. I once got into an argument with someone over how he is so happy here because he joined some football activity team/club/whatever and gave me similiar advices.. (he is an expat)

But I'm not into sports.. and I don't care about restaurants neither shopping.. our country is so bland and it could be so much better than this. Starting with the most obvious thing.. the traffic!  My work is literally 5 minutes away from my house. But I have to leave 1 hour prior. And most of the time I am late!

It used to bother me (many many years ago) whenever I hear that someone is unhappy here but then I realized that I can't blame them for leaving in droves.

I just wish things were different here..

Yeah I live 12 mins away from work, including the traffic lights, when there is no traffic. I leave an hour earlier during normal times. If there was some way to fix the system where traffic comes on to a motor way in the same place that traffic is trying to leave, that would cut down congestion hugely. Maybe a monorail/metro like Dubai that was cheap enough for expats to use instead of driving would also cut down. Greater minds than mine required to solve that one ;)

I wouldn't do it again if I had similar income opportunities in another country.

There have been some great points made in this thread that just prove why this country is on the bottom of the latest expat survey.

MisterStretch let me know where those other opportunities are ? ;) Another example, Geant selling Bose headphones for 65kd yet they won't let you listen before you buy them.

im surprised with so many negative comments here.. i hear you all complaining about all the people here and the things to do, what exactly do you like to do for fun is what im trying to understand.

i don't earn a huge lot but i am extremely happy with what i have.  I have friends and colleagues who have left kuwait to go to dubai and say how they miss kuwait (especially westerners) and how they feel like they are at home here. Kuwait authorities may not be the most friendly but that's why the place is safer than other places too.. i have traveled quite a bit to understand how Kuwait is different from other countries but i really don't understand why there are so many complains about traffic when DUBAI has this issue multiplied by 2-3 times..

again can you guys clarify what you want to do in Kuwait other than alcoholic activities which are also available through embassy parties if absolutely necessary.

silviu.o :

I have almost 3 years here in Kuwait, and I am very badly to escape from that country. The country is same like India, extremly dirty, traffic is very busy and with lots accidents (your life is in danger every day), climate is bad, very hot in the summer. Food is very bad, mostly conservated. In that country you almost not have any place to go to envoy. Rents are big and the flats are not good cality,

I am not sure if you have been to any part of India to compare but I assure you that your idea/view of India is very different. Climate is hot in summer (its a dessert, complaining in Antarctica about the cold isn't too smart now is it?). Food is bad ?? Really?? Kuwait is a foodies paradise ( Gia, Veranda, Slider Station, Open Flame Kitchen, Freej ). I could keep going if you would like. And i hope you didn't compare that to Indian food and say that indian food is bad (coz that is just wrong).

Honestly I'm offended on many different levels and I'm restricting my message as much as possible. Geez Sunday morning work is fine and seeing your message stressed me out so much.

neverstopexploring :

i have traveled quite a bit to understand how Kuwait is different from other countries but i really don't understand why there are so many complains about traffic when DUBAI has this issue multiplied by 2-3 times..

Can't let this one slip. Which "issue" exactly is multiplied? Reckless driving certainly isn't. I have driven in UAE, Oman and Bahrain, and Kuwait is *by far* the most dangerous place to drive. I really don't know what's wrong with people here. I got some theories but I will keep them to myself as any one of them will offend at least one group of people (and probably rightfully so).

i was only talking about the traffic for that matter. I've been stuck for hours in traffic for small distances in different parts of the UAE.

You can get stuck anywhere in traffic and Kuwait in that regard is better then most places. But if you want to get killed by an idiot running a red light while on Facebook, Kuwait is the place to be.

there is no way to win that conversation because I completely agree with you on that.

Just to clarify I have met some really smart, talented and respectful kuwaiti citizens as well. It isn't good to stereotype because of a few. Most of them are educated abroad or have spend a good amount of time abroad , so they see things from a different perspective all together .  I'm not saying there is too much hope though unless there are some big changes.

Recently there was an article about a new bill for the govt being able to skim through bank accounts of expats and also implying a new exit tax for expats leaving the country. ***Sigh***

"Kuwaiti are rude, see anyone who isn't a Kuwait beneath them and the kids are products of the parents so ugh."


I didn't read the entire post until now but..

It is wrong to generalize. Not all of us are rude! And not all of us look beneath expats! You've been here how long.. 1 week? It is too early for you to jump into this conclusion. I personally was very good friends with an English expat here (met her through this wonderful site) but she had to leave Kuwait because of her mother's illness. We went to lots of places here we even used to go to the beach and just sit there and talk. We are still in contact together.  I miss her a lot and I will definitely visit her one day!

Yes our country is deeply flawed and there are lots of things that we wish could change and yes there are some rude citizens but we're not all like that..

I understand that it is definitely frustrating to leave your country and loved ones for a better career opportunity so far away.. then to be disappointed but hopefully things will start to get better for you as you settle in more, and if not then good luck then with whatever country that you go to.

Take care~

dana is definitely right.  A week here is hardly enough time to generalize.

I've lived in many different countries, and Kuwait is one of the most boring.

There really aren't any "plusses".  And yes, I grant you that you get out of a place what you put into it.  I am just unwilling to put forth much effort based on the availability and variety of non-work activities or distractions anywhere near me.

I'm completely lost again. Can you define what "PLUSES" you are referring to?

nse...responded in pm.

Well guys,

I believe the only problem you will face here is not finding a group of friends with similar interests.

Starting with the negative points  (yes i know it's wrong to generalize but i have seen enough of it being a teacher and providing private tutoring ):

1- Some locals are rude and you really can't find a way to have a decent conversation with them.

2- Weather is relatively hot compared to other countries.

Now besides those two points, why do you think Kuwait is so bad?

- Traffic? Cmon traffic is everywhere!
- Drinks? You can easily get those during private/embassy  parties
- Nightlife? Again you can dance till morning in those private parties.
- Activities? Take a day in Khobar/Khiran/Failaka....Go to the cinema...Try one of those "escape the room" activities...Enroll in meetup/internations where they have plenty of activities...have a board/card/quiz night...enroll in a good gym...

I wonder what makes Kuwait so bad like you guys are saying? ( again im taking into consideration you were able to find friends with mutual interests, if not yeah this country will be like hell).

Im not saying the country is perfect to live in...its far from that but it's not as  bad as you guys are saying.

So what do you like to do and you can do it here?

See my point exactly.. i feel like maybe we have just found the right circle of friends and that's why there is such a difference in perspective

Also to add, some kuwaiti's are really nice and down to Earth. This guy I met recently had a conversation with his mom on the speaker phone and she was asking him to take good care of us and stuff and i was like " where are you kuwaiti's hiding when we are out generalizing you guys"!! I know you are referring to the rude crowd but I'm just saying the good guys are out there too..

Yeah there are good guys out there...But we can't ignore the fact that the rude ones are a huge percentage of this country ( sorry for any kuwaiti guy/girl reading's a fact we cant deny).

Yeah I was lucky to have a great kuwaiti kafil....He is one of the most professional humble persons i ever met...these type of people are rare here :)

I would probably not. It is very hard and find it difficult to move out from Kuwait once you stuck here. Once you make the move ,hold it

I do agree with you that 5fingers on a palm are not 24years stay in kuwait i mostly found the citizens help full except few which are neglidgable.overall the situation is good for everyone.i am thankfull to God to be in Kuwait where i earn rizq halal for me and for my family.i am thankfull to the HE Amir e kuwait ane the citizens for their support.may God keep kuwait everlasting and prosperous.

Yeah, it is true that there's good Kuwaiti people, but it is so difficult to come by, my apologise to such citizens
I think we all talk or express ourselves in terms of experience and it might differ, as for me I have no problem with: no alcohol and blabla........
And no one is right or wrong to generalise Kuwait in terms of attitude lets make the picture broad and clear
Majority carries the vote
And there's no need to say perhaps when it comes to: culture, tradition and  custom.
Yeah there are good people in Kuwait but they should bare with us and to keep on reminding us that not all Kuwaitis are BAD
Sorry and thank you to the Good Kuwaitis.

Ouch, I wish I can edit a few portion of my post
By using this words
Culture, tradition and custom
I don't mean this is how it is but that is how it becomes and it seems majority of Kuwait are okay with it.
That's why I used those devices.

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