In retrospect, would you move again to Chile?

Hi all,

If you had to look back on your expat experience in Chile, would you heartily say "let’s do it again"?

From the preparation stage to your actual everyday life in your new country, what did you enjoy the most?

Would you do certain things differently? Could you tell us why?

How would you describe the benefits of your expatriation in Chile so far?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience. We look forward to hearing from you!


Here we have the "Theory of relativity":

IF you get hired  by a multinational, and your salary is payed  not in Pesos,
IF you have health insurance, home and child assistance...then of course! you'll have a wonderful stay.

If you don't...well....think twice....3X...4X...because you really need to weight the PROS and agains'ts

Hi ecolodger > thank you for this advice ;)

I would absolutely do it again. It has been the greatest adventure of our lives! Sure we made mistakes, we realize in retrospect. Sure it was hard sometimes. Sure it still has it challenges but overall it has been fun and we have had lots of great experiences and met some interesting people and we are living the life we always dreamed of.

It was a lot more challenging than we thought it would be, but we would do it again. Chile is a great place.

It's a very expensive country for being South America.
Is not easy to find a job if you don't have "pituto".
But the weather is fine while there's no piromaniacs burning the ceros in Valparaiso or the south of Chile.

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