Is there a problem for a stranger to get in Palestine and marry there?

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I'm new on this forum and I'm so happy I found it 'cuz I have some questions and I couldn't find answers anywhere..
I'm from Bosnia and I have a boyfriend in Palestine. We are planing to get marry. Do you know, is there a problem for a stranger to get in Palestine and marry there? I know I'm gonna need a visa but does Israelians allow to get in country?
I hope someone have those answers..


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sry 4 the late answer. For what I know, u may get married in palestine, but israel won't allow u to live there, they wont issue a permanent visa. Either u stay ilegal but if u do so, u can't leave coz when u return they won't allow u in. Hope I helped.

Salam, Hello there, I just saw your post.
In fact I don`t know more than what Alicekfs said. I am sure there is a way, as I know lot of foreigners did that for same reason. One should ask in his embassy, and if your boyfriend in Palestine can ask in the ministry of interior.


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I am late in this reply.. but only just saw your post. You will be able to come to Palestine on a visitor visa for 3 months (if all goes smoothly with "israelis"). Once the 3 months is almost over... you must leave and come back in on a new visa and so on. In the meantime, if you do marry, your husband can apply for 'lam shamil'  after which you will get the Palestinian  I.D. and be considered a resident.
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In addition to the speak of Mummyoftwo, I would like to mention that :

in case your not marry nor engaged ( you dont have marriage certificate which is like proof for couple case in submitted to court ) you can get 3 moths visa at most ,,after the expiration of visa time ,, you have to leave the palestine and get there again ,, you will be fell under this restriction unless u dont have marriage certificate

in other hand if u are engaged or married and u have your certificate of marriage which u can submit it to the court as i mentioned ,, u can renew your visa easily without having to go out the country !! but after reaching the 27 months of renewing ( 9 times ) u will be had to go out and come back again

according to the "" Lam ilshamel " , unfortunately it take even more than 10 years so its long process and u have to wait and make sure to be legal resident in westbank ,, keep your renewing applications for the visa ,, you might be asked for when your I.D issued

I hope this will help u

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