Moc Bai - visa run

Just wondering if any here has done the visa run to Moc Bai and if they have any tips. Some questions I have;

1. The Vietnam visa form you need to fill in, is that the same form as for the VOA at Saigon int airport ?

2. Is there a form for Cambodia, can you print it out online ?

3. When you submit your visa letter do you have to go to a separate booth first and pay your stamping fee or do you pay it when you collect your passport like at Saigon airport.

4. Apparently there are people hanging around who you can pay to help speed things along, apparently $5 is the going rate ?


Hi Panda,

Maybe you should try to check the articles in the  Visas for in Vietnam section.
You might find some interesting information. :)


Priscilla  :cheers:

Why not just read down the list a bit to this: … 92#3198004  I would just send a PM to Hans.b.  He seems to know the ropes.

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