Possible 17% to 21% increase in electricity

You may want to read this article about a posible heavy electricity increase. Not sure if it will happen but posibility exist. … -17-to-21/

I would like to see how this will help improve cost of living and incitement to new and exciting companies to come and stay in the island.

As always the PR government at its best!!


I read it again, it is not as bad as it sound. But 18.00 dollars additional a month will not kill most of us. However it raises the rates of the government which means that the government budget is also affected for the worse. Not sure whose brain this came from but sounds like a warped one.

I tell you that Solar power sounds better and better everyday.

That increase is for PREPA debt, it does not really cover anything else. Also electricity is somewhat cheap at the moment due to the much lower cost of gas, imagine what will happen if gas goes back up to 100 a barrel!

I don't think this makes too much sense.
What do you guys think?

Hummm....So let me think, we are going to lower the minimum wage to workers under 25, we going to increase the electric bill by about $18-21 a month and on top of that we are going to increase the IVU/IVA. But wait, we want to encourage the younger generation to stay in the island and help improve the conditions. Does that make ANY sense to you? I may not be versatile in economics but it sounds like the biggest stupidity this government has come up with.

As always the working class will continue to struggle and pay for our government mismanagement.

"PR does it better" "PR lo hace mejor"


One way or another "they" are going to need to get the money to keep going. Trying to get it from the people who are already having a hard time to make ends meet is not going to work in the end.

Like adlin20 said how do they think to convince young professionals to stay here?
I know many young professionals who either left already or are planning to leave.

The mid term future on the island doesn't look too bright for many..

There were people that could not pay the electricity before, how are they going to be able to afford it now? The obligation of minimum wage may disappear also for everyone and it may be voluntary only. That is just the electric bill, wait for water, gas, and other stuff because they want to pay the debt.

One possibility ...... What are they going to do if 25% to 50% of the people organize and decide not to pay the electric bill? Are they going to cut the electricity to 25% or 50% of all homes?

As I stated before, debt has to be cut by at least 50%, not this 15% that PREPA has negotiated.

Maybe we can export the professional young drug dealers to Florida??? they won't be missed badly.

Hey Gary, long time since you posted!!!!!!

ReyP :

Maybe we can export the professional young drug dealers to Florida??? they won't be missed badly.

I second this!

ReyP :

Hey Gary, long time since you posted!!!!!!

Still very busy, Rey. But I'll try to visit more often. :)

I'm wondering if the re-structuring plan will crack down on all the municipalities/entities that are receiving free electricity: … .html?_r=0

They will need to, and the municipalities and private industries will cry like a new born with a month old diaper. The board is going to insist on collecting every dollar they can in back taxes, electric bills, water bill, IVA they can find, and it makes sense, for some reason the government in the past could not be bothered with tax collections.

There are a lot of properties in PR that are not in CRIM and almost all of the ones in CRIM have such low property value assigned to them that they will never pay property taxes. But there is a good chance that in a year or two the board is going to require that all those properties be re-evaluated and people will be slapped with a property bill.

My brother has 9 acres of land, they are not used, he pays something like 1,000 a year for those 9 acres in taxes. My lot here in Massachusetts is 1/3 of an acre and is valued at 170K, that is just the land regardless of the house which is a separate value.

A lot of people are going to be upset over the next 3 - 5 years, but they should take their frustrations by going after the people that got us into this situation, and start jailing them all, we need the audits and we should do what we can to get those audits going and the corruption acts in front of the courts.

Hopefully they are prosecuted in federal court, I don't trust that local courts would do it right as there is corruption there also.

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