Royal comission hospital Jubail

Does anyone have any experience working in Royal comission hospital Jubail, I have a job offer there and would like to speak with someone already working there.

Hello there ..

I hope this finds you at a great health.

I know that doctors who live across the street from the RC hospital raised an inquiry for the need of building a bridge to avoid passing the street walking. They are building it at we speak.

That is one concern is being taking care of.

as a patient i know that they give medicine as per your actual need. Not like other hospital who give you more than your actual need just because you are medically covered.

me too got an offer there ,did they say they will provide accomodation and what about schools?

In order to go to the public school of Jubail or RC school of Jubail you must be a resident of Jubail. That will be the case if you are working here. But I think you are referring to the expenses of private school such as international school I doubt it's covered.
Is there anything mentioned in your contract with them?

Thanks dear I was having Royal commission school in mind do they have English all or Arabic all subjects ?

They just said eligibility for admission to Royal commission schools

Most of the subjects are in Arabic if I'm not mistaken. They tell you eligible but not garanteed that's smart of them. Any how international schools are the second and the last option I believe.

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