Is 2016 the year of dead artists?

Just received the news that Prince passed away this morning on age of 57. 

Another favourite of mine has left the earth.
What remains is his music and the sweet memories.

So young...

I admired is talent and music. Apparently played all the instruments on his first album at 19 years old.

I guess that there will be other artists passing away during the year.

I hear now that he refused treatment thinking that prayer alone would help him.

I think all sorts of stories will emerge regarding Prince's death. The claims against his estate will be one on going battle and a bonus for news channels.

This often happens with artists as they sometimes see themselves as invincible and do not has everything in place for when they do pop their clogs. Substance abuse plays a part too.

As artists get on in years there will be more deaths this year too.

Yes i feel god of dead behind artists this year

This year Malayalam film industry lost so many artists ( includes actor , actress , co actor , directors and people from most fields of films )

stumpy :

As artists get on in years there will be more deaths this year too.

And not just artists Stumpy.

And Death said to him: "What wouldst thou, Mortal? I heard thee call me."

Agreed El_Jost.

I have been to 4 funerals in the last 7 weeks.

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