Cheap and assorted Hardware shops and stationary/school supplies shops

Hi there,
my name is Vanessa and i'll be travelling and volunteering in Cambodia indefinitely, going from orphanages to schools. I also started a fundraising project and i was able to raise 150$ in little time so.. hopefully i'll have more funds in the future as the word and love spreads. I don't like donating money without knowing how they are spent so wherever i go i look for what they need and  buy myself.
If anybody could direct me to a cheap hardware shop, maybe more than one, would be great.
I need to buy screwdrivers, hammers, brooms. and so on.
Same with stationary shops,  possibly cheap and well assorted.
Also, if you have any tips that could help me with my project would be awesome.
ps. distance isn't a problem as i  have a motorbike.
Many thanks,


Hi Vanessa,
depends where you are staying.There are hundreds of shops and they all look the same but run individually. Most hardware stores are similar in price .But the cheapest are on the outskirts of the city.The further you go the cheaper it is. There are two good ones near Samson Kosal Pagoda off street 271. As for stationery..difficult.Don't buy from any of the big stores..too expensive. I use the  small one on st 155 near the bottom and close to the high school.

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