Dart Companies

Can anyone tell me if this is a good group to work for?  Since they own about 75% of the island, any input would be welcome.  Thank you.

You will be the envy of all your friends! Seriously, they're an excellent group to work for, from all reports. (I speak as a former Chamber of Commerce Manager, and a resident of 38 years.)

Thank you for the input. 

Now if anyone cares to anonymously state any companies to avoid it would be much appreciated.

Er - okay... if you indemnify me against any and all libel suits. Do we have a deal?

Seriously, can you pm me?  It is always good to know who to avoid.  We are deciding if we want to move to Cayman and "work for the man" while dealing with the high cost of living.  Yes we will save on taxes, but we are still looking at all the pros and cons of doing another expat run.  We lived on another island before but that place was really 3rd world.

345. You haven't told me anything about yourself - who you are, what your qualifications are, what job you are looking for, your age, nationality, marital status and past expat experience. You are a totally unknown factor, yet you are asking me to put my name to a recommendation or condemnation. Your must surely know that yours is an unreasonable request. You have to put your cards on the table, man.

We apologize for appearing to be in the witness protection program.  We are private low- keyed people, Americans, married, civil engineer.  We lived on a similar island (only with higher crime) and went through several years of work permit renewals.

We will rephrase the question back to a positive note:  What large employers in Cayman have you had a positive experience working for?

Any expats that care to chime in on this much appreciated.  Just looking for general information and suggestions.  We don’t see a whole lot on the employment agency websites except for financial industry related positions.

I don't know anything about jobs for Civil Engineers, but for employment in Cayman generally, it's best to read the online "Cayman New Resident".

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