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My fiancé and I will get married in India (Mumbai) and the Brazilian Consulate has informed us that my Indian fiancé can apply for VIPER (Permanent Visa - Based on Marriage) only after 2 years of marriage. I couldn't find this information anywhere (not even on their website). Does anyone have something to add? Please share your comments.

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Hello angelicaody
I am an Indian going to marry my Brazilian fiance in you have any idea of what could be the time period for me to apply for permanacy in Brazil?and as far as I know there was no such information to me either about the 2years waiting time for permanent visa.what was the aspect for you if you apply for permanacy in India after marriage in India?

Hello Bala Mohan

I guess we are on the same boat. What I know is: to apply for Brazilian Permanent Visa based on marriage you have to submit, along with other documents, your Brazilian Marriage Certificate - Certidão de Casamento. This you can do either in India or in Brazil. But the website of the Brazilian Consulate in Mumbai doesn't say anything about having to wait 2 years after marriage to apply for Permanent Visa. After asking a question to the Brazilian Consulate  regarding to Marriage Registration they replied by e-mail with an observation saying that only after 2 years of marriage a foreign citizen is eligible to apply for Permanent Visa. So I wonder if anyone else had to wait 2 years before applying.

About my permanent residency in India, what I know is that a foreigner married to an Indian has to wait 2 years from the date for marriage before applying for OCI.

I hope this have helped you somehow.


I'm almost 100% sure the information they are giving you is false....there is no waiting period.
I applied for my permanent VIPER the week after the wedding .

The person you are dealing with either doesn't know what they are talking about or trying to discourage you , I suggest you ask to speak to a higher up person.

What you do with the marriage certificate is you have to get a full unabridged Indian Marriage certificate , you then submit this at the consulate and they will register it and give you a piece of paper with which you can collect your Brazilian certificate in Brazil .
Registering the Marriage at the consulate is sufficient to apply for permanent residency outside of Brazil .

Check James threads for the exact documentation needed to apply for the visa , I think it's full birth certificate , criminal record check and the submitting/registering the indian marriage certificate as well as the passport.
refer to this link about getting married in Brazil

Once you have a Brazilian marriage certificate in your hand  it automatically gives your husband the right to stay in Brazil , visa or no visa ....all the other things from then on are just formalities to have normal rights and get the extensive documents required for day to day Brazilian life.

Hi Steve,

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience! My fiancé and I will follow our plan and keep an eye on any possible official change.


In 1999, I married a Brazilian while we were in the US  (I'm a US citizen). We did this to avoid all the extra expense and hassle of getting married in Bz.  I had to submit the marriage documents and and a bit of paperwork to the Bz consulate (in San Francisco) to have the marriage recognized in Brazil. I was quite simple and quick. On my return to Brazil, I filed for permanent residency with the Policia Federal, and after a very FEW months I was approved and received my permanent residence ID card.  Don't know where this 2 year idea came from - maybe the Policia Federal are on strike.
The whole process was simple, cheap, and painless.


I think your documents all fine.Important legalize documents for your home country Brazil Embassy or consulate.

It is very easy get permanency Brazil (Federal police).

Some people very struggle get permanent resident Brazil. About married Brazilian women for permanency take more time(all the documents get legalize in your home country embassy of Brazil or consulate),

Easy way base of baby permanent resident get soon in Brazil. No need legalize documents home country.

Congrtus for you...

Thanks for sharing your experience Go 49ers!


I believe what the other forum members have stated is accurate.  Maybe someone you know has gotten the 2 year staying limit confused with other procedures.  Basically once you are granted permanent residency and you choose to live outside of Brazil, you must make at least 1 entry within 2 years in order to keep your Residency valid.

The process to get married in India should be fairly simple and I would strongly suggest that you contact the Brazilian Embassy in Mumbai via email and ask them to reply so you have there reply in writing word for word.

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