visit Bulgaria

Hello everyone
i want to visit Bulgaria but unfortunately i do not have any   idea about it so please any one can help and tell me where should i go to enjoy .

Where are you flying into, Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Bourgas?
Depending on your arrival location, you can then get better advice from forum members on places to visit? Better to state how long are you staying for, if you are hiring a car, etc... things that interest you, that you may want to see here in Bulgaria? (coastal area's, mountain treks, cities, traditional towns, markets, monasteries, museums, etc.... ) One thing for sure you'll eat well, Bulgarian cuisine is rather wholesome!
Anyway I hope you have a great visit, and get plenty of good advice from the forum?
Regards Steve.  :)

there are a lot of places to visit (culture, nature, ...). are you staying in sofia, or do you want to travel around? Sofia is a nice and interesting city, you can see the rila monastery, plovdiv, veliko tarnovo, koprivchitsa. those cities are really beautiful. the sea coast is nice and the bulgarian mountains are wild and authentic. if you have a more specific idea you can write me.

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