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Can someone shed some lights into this with your personal experience? How easy is the process and the length of time it takes to get it done? Thanks.

K-1 visa is in the US  :)
There is no such visa in Vietnam immigration right now, in my knowledge.
Once you married a Vietnamese citizen, you are eligible to apply for a 5 year VEC(Visa Exemption Certificate) or a 3 year spousal TRC(Temporary Residence Card).

Charma, is (as usual) right I think. When I got married last year there was no such thing as a finance visa.

Once married, we applied for a 5 year VEC, which was granted without any hassle. With the recent changes in the law, every time I leave the country I now get a 6 month stamp in my passport free of charge.

Lets hope that the stamping law will also eventually be changed and come inline with many other countries.

I hope foreign spouses married to Vietnamese citizens get all rights and privileges as of non resident Vietnamese, at least as soon as possible with the new rulers  :)

My apology. I should have been a bit clearer on this. I meant the fiance visa for entering the U.S not Vietnam. Has anyone gone through this process? I need a personal account from a U.S national living here in Vietnam.

Why not get it straight from the horses mouth and contact the embassy.

charmavietnam :

I hope foreign spouses married to Vietnamese citizens get all rights and privileges as of non resident Vietnamese, at least as soon as possible with the new rulers  :)

Sorry to be cynical, but I think that day will be a long time in coming. The police and other authorities in Vietnam still "enforce" the non existent "law" that a foreigner can't stay in an hotel room together with his/her girlfriend/boyfriend, a law that was taken off the statue books years ago.

Even in 2014 (before we got married in August) the police in Q8 told my wife that we could not be registered to live at the apartment we own, because "you are not married".

Last year we stayed at a lovely small hotel in Tam Ky (Qang Nam province) and were visited by no less than 5 police officers one night until I told them that enough was enough and that they should take a hike and stop bothering us.

I'm asking for a personal take on this. The horse's mouth can't give me that.

Fiance' visa for what country?

I now see your speaking of the USA, my bad. I went through it. Start documenting everything from the first date on, with pictures, hotel receipts, flight tickets, bank account info etc. The US government assumes from jump street that it is a fraudulent application. There is a fabulous site dedicated to just that, people wanting to get a visa. It is called Good luck.

The last time I checked on this law you speak of in regards to non-married folks staying in a hotel together it is indeed still the law as it pertains to hotels. It use to be the law in regards to living together anywhere in VN. That has changed and now anyone can live with anyone. Best to have always available a copy of this law in Vietnamese and show it to the police when they are trying to collect their coffee money.

Guys, please stay on topic or don't post at all. I don't want to be rude but this thread is about people who want to sponsor their wives or husbands to come to the United States to get married or with the intent of getting married in 90 days of stepping on U.S soil. If you're not from the U.S or don't have any personal experience with this please refrain from posting. I don't care for the Vietnamese law about people living together. Please stop posting your opinion for that. There are multiple threads about that already.

So when I move to Da Nang in December and date my VN girlfriend, then get married, I can apply to get a 5 year visa? Will I get it in most likelihood?

Yes, as long as it's a legal wedding and not just a wedding party. Your wife goes to immigration with your documents, you sign a form and a week later get a 5 year exemption.

Here's the website that focuses on US visas specifically.  You'll probably have better luck finding the answers you're looking for there, though they might not be the answers that you're hoping to find! 

Visa Journey:  Vietnam Forum

As others have said, go to  It's a DIY site with sample forms and lots of personal experiences that you can draw from.  Specifically read the Vietnam regional forum to prepare for the meat grinder. 

If you are living here in VN you are going to need to sort out financial sponsorship.  If you're employed in the US it ought to be straight forward. 

It's taking a year or so for K1's to work through the system. 

FWIW, if you are living here get married and do the spouse visa.


Hmmmmm this'll be interesting.

I agree with Teacher Mark. The website you want is There are lots of personal experiences, tutorials, and timelines to help you start the process.

As this is an expat website, most people here are residing in Vietnam and may not have the 'horse' s mouth' experience you're looking for.

Best of luck!

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