I'm looking for a sapphire stone, certain color and shape.  Does anyone know where I can find gemstones?



there are few stores in the Gold Market in Bald , but the one with the biggest collection is the store in Jamjoum Center- Palestine Street (West End Gate) .

Fitaihi will also have some collection.

Shops in the Diamond second hand souq of Al Shoulaa- Madinah Road are also an option

Be sure to know your business or they will ......

thanks so much for the help, I'm actually just looking for the stone, i will make a ring with the stone. will they just have the stone?  also do you know the name of the store in the Jamjoum center?  souq al shoulaa also has shappires, do I just tell the taxi driver souq al shoulaa?  I really appreciate the help.


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