Is there any Brazilian in Mauritius (2016)?

Is there any Brazilian in Mauritius (2016)?
I´m in Flic En Flac and I would like to meet :)
Algum brazileiro na Ilha Maurícia (2016)?
Moro em Flic En Flac e gostaria de encontrar com alguém :)

Hi Perdro,

Welcome on board  :)

Have a look at the Mauritius social network. You may do a quick search by selecting Brazilian for nationalities and expatriate for status, it will give you a list.

All the best,

Hello Pedro,

Welcome onboard. I know one Brazilian living in Grand Baie since 2013. I am not sure if she is part of the Expat Network here but could find out.

Hey! Do you remember her name?

Her name is Anna Aguiar

Thank you! :)

Oi cara , bem vindo !

:) Obrigado!

Já podemos fazer um protesto para o impeachment

Hello everyone,

@ Fetak, please post in english on the anglophone forum so that members can fully understand you.

Thank you in advance

I am. Living in the North.  :)

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