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My name is Aziz and I live in Jubail. Originally from Riyadh and moved to Jubail for many reasons. Some of which are how streets and houses reminds me of Midlothian neighborhood. Plus the undeniable school services for children and education of RC schools vs public schools in any where in Saudi Arabia.

Recently open a small business of baking fresh goods.

As I have mentioned in the about me box under my profile, once I was expect not knowing a signal human in Richmond VA in 2007 and I'm here to make your life easier. It feels nice to do good to people and it has been a while since I have done something nice for others. So yeaah 

Ask me anything !

Hi Azarwa.Bakery and welcome to :)

Thank you for your introduction and for the information that you have shared with us.

Please feel free to participate on other topics as well, some members might be looking for information about Jubail.

How is life in Jubail?

Priscilla  :cheers:

Hello Priscilla ..

Indeed. I would be more than happy to do so.
Clean , not so active and calm, in summary when it gets too humid think twice before doing any sort of outdoors activities unless you are OK with humidity or you attentionally want to lose weight =)

24th April 6:30Pm
Let's walk campaign.
Venue Jubail Alfanateer beach.
Starting assembly point  Romania Columns and end point is SABIC HQ
Objectives to increase health awareness.

Hi Aziz,
Welcome to Jubail, it's really nice to have you :) I'll be happy to join your "let's walk campaign" but unfortunately I'm currenty out of the kingdom. I should be back in may, so, expect me in your next (let's *whatever social activity* campaigns) in the near future :).

BTW, Good luck with your bakery :)

Hey zoozOne ..

Thanking your replay and nice wishes  :)
Walking is a relaxing activity to be done till summer season starts and that's not far as you surly know.

Enjoy your trip dear

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