Jubail villa

I'm just wondering what the typical cost of a 4 bedroom villa may be, i.e. range. I have a job offer there and I need an idea as I will be moving with my wife and 3 children.

...depends MASSIVELY if it's on a compound.

Just after the Crown Hotel, on Abdulaziz Road, on the right down a lane called 'Teabah' is a lane of loads of compunds - Golden sands, Al Ventura, Nesma ......... go visit the managers and ask for prices - as we are in a recession of sorts they may give you a deal...

how about not on a compound? i'd prefer to live off compound. I havent moved out yet, but my contract doesnt include an accomodation allowance.

...don't forget off compounds do not include electricity - best buy a powerful fan....... but good accom seems cheap - look for one cheap to keep cool!

off compound u cant get nice villa in 45 to 55k SAR

all this could be found easily in Jubail down town.
Let me know if you are still looking.

thanks for the replies guys, the employer has offered me compound accomodation, I will see how it goes and look around in Jubail once I arrive inshallah

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