Doctor in eastern province

I am a male doctor and have been offered a position as a Family Medicine doctor (western (UK) trained), of around 28,000 SAR a  month in a government run clinic. I have a few questions I would be grateful for some help on.

1) the job offer doesn't mention anything about accomodation. In the 'accomodation allowance' line there is a dash (-).  My understanding of this is I am not being offered accomodation allowance. 
My question is how much would it reasonably cost to rent a villa in Jubail per annum.

2) I understand Saudi Arabia runs a segregated society. How does with reflect in clinic. Will I be working with male only nurses/staff? or female nurses but very limited interaction? Or is it like any western clinic?
I am asking these questions to the employer too, but would appreciate others advice and experience.

Hello Junaid,

A villa on a compound is the only practical way if with family - it's a buffer form the strict culture of Wahabism Islam.

There is a bunch of villas all down one side road off Kind Abdulaziz Road, just after Crown Hotel (heading fro Dammam) - Golden Sands - Al Ventura - Nesma.
Nesma is nice, but quite small, a quadrangle of nice apartments surround a central block of shop, tennis court, pool and gym/spa area. Trees etc, dead safe for kids to whizz round on cycles. Quite reasonably priced - worth the investment over a much cheaper house in town BUT......although the compunds look expensive - water, gas, electric are included!! And fab amenities on site.

Bajrai Garden Village is extra nice .....

Google 'residential compounds Jubail'- or use above names.
Just ask employer what the rent allowance is! They usually do a rent allowance!

But £70k a year in pocket ain't bad. I mean accom is far les than you'd pay in tax in the UK!!! And kids real safe here. No Asian grooming gangs etc like there a lot of in the UK. (they'd get dismembered if they were caught that is why!)

the temp is real nice now - like a nice summer in UK - but in 2 to 3 weeks the temp cranks uo an oven until around September.
June sometime is may not be a good idea to start in the middle of Ramadan...unless you come out first.

As simple------A good villa in a compound is not less than 80k to 120 k SAR /year.

saudi is safest and nice place to live .... and its far better if ur living in compound u can feel the glimpse of western living while ur in compound and yes ...... all clinics have mixed staff of male and female.. like in any other country of word except short dressing for female staff. HRA  depend of the salary package mentioned in your offer letter ... the amount offer is basic salary or full package .. if it is basic salary then add 25 % in it as HRA. but majority of Government Hospitals are having their own residential compounds for staff.

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