Cost of living in Dammam

I am Doctor who is planning to move to Damman after getting selected in MoH interview.
I have few anxious questions
1) They have alloted me a place call Aljashiah 100 kms from Damman .Is it a liveable place ?.Can i find decent living and Indian food facilities here.

2) If not ,can i get a decent living in Dammam in 2800 SAR paid as housing allowance per month

3) For a Total salary package of 17000 SAR is does Damman is affordable lifestyle

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Whilst waiting for others to reply please check out this site for cost of living

Hi Deodat M S,

Please feel free to have a look  at the topics in the  Cost of living in Dammam section, it might also help you.


Priscilla  :cheers:

More than enough to live in Dammam...

Thanks friends

you can enjoy life to its a lot of money with this amount.... :D


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