Meet new friends

My name is Sanna, 22 years old, and i live 45 min from Toulouse.
I work as an Au-pair, but i'm taking care of cats instead of kids. hehe.
I've lived here for around 3 weeks now and i'm starting to feel the need for friends - so now i'm here!

I'm looking for people between the age 20 - 30 that wants to hang out and do stuff.
Some of my interests are Music, art, photography, nature, animals, make-up and food.

I can't speak french yet but i hope i will learn during the time i'm staying here.

If i sound interesting to you - send me a message!
Don't leave me hanging, broh! ;)

my name is  Ganjo , 23  year old, im live Toulouse now , Amouroux , i have nothing to do
Just paint  drawing and  play music
now i  learn Franch language, i speak abit  franch
:) hope

Hi Sanna!
Have you managed to meet people yet? My name is Maxim. I'm french and am back living in Toulouse after spending 3 years in Paris and one in England. I was an art student in Toulouse, Brighton and Paris and now I work as a shepherd in the summer. I miss speaking english and would love to go out and have a drink with english speakers. Hit me up if your are interested!

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