Medical for work visa (UK)

Hello and apologies for this question in which I presume has been asked countless times. I did a search on the forum search bar but couldn't find the answers to my questions.

I've been offered a position in Saudi Arabia and I need to do a medical for my work visa. I'm looking everywhere to find a place that does this but the only places I can find are based in London. I'm in Manchester and don't think there are any based in the north.  I even tried my GP to see if they do and they don't, they suggested to find a private clinic/hospital.

To the UK nationals who have recently moved to Saudi Arabia, how did you do your medical? What company/clinic did you go with? How much did you pay? I'm getting quotes of £300-350. Is that the normal price?

Also, once I have completed my medical, does it need to be attested by the saudi cultural bureau? Or just attested by the FCO?

Lastly, does your employer cover the costs of your medical? My employer only partially covers the costs of the visa process, but didn't mention anything about medical. It would seem I would be roughly £700 out of pocket if it isn't reimbursed.

Many thanks for the help!

Good question. Really hope someone can reply.

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