Hi, I am newly arrived at Jeddah, KSA. I was prescribed Xanax by my psychiatrist for anxiety and depression. When I reached here I bring 6 months dose with myself. But now my medicine is finished and I have visit a psychiatrist here but he has not recommend me any anxiety pill as he was telling it is banned in KSA. I am really very tensed about my medication. I have searched all medical stores for any anxiety pills or sleeping pills as I have sleeping disorder. But I have not found any anxiety pills. Can you please help me in getting some anxiety pills or sleeping pills. Or can I order it to online shops or can i get these medications if someone send it from my homeland.

Hello Asif Hameed88

We do not usually allow threads talking about illegal substance on the forum, as we do not want to encourage illegal practice in a country.

Your best bet would be to ask a doctor to find you any legal substitute that might work . Sending such pills through post may get you in serious trouble without proper prescription.

If anyone can help, I am sure they will inbox you. :top:


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