Attested Certificate Issue pls help

HI I am asking for a friend , I am already working in UAE with a good company- my friend who is not earning good got a break through and got a good job in Oman the issue is he was asked to send Attested Degree - later I found out that he has used an agent who is not reliable - since he wanted things to go on quick , he used his services and I am 100% sure that he has got his degree attested in a fake manner as that agent and his company are black listed... Now the problem is he has already sent the documents and the company is saying that his case is gone for Labor Clearance however they need him now and sending him an express visa to join ASAP. In this means should he simply refuse the job because when I told him about the agent and showed him evidences he is scared now ... where as his education degree has all the stamps etc done by him and looks genuine but ethically its wrong- Any guidance in this regard will be appreciated


let's hope your friend don't get caught !! otherwise it would be big issue and he might have loose the job as well.

i ha read recently that due to lot of fake degree cases ministry is now checking the degrees on their end as well. and they also might need another stamp from university or something. it would be better if you can look up for that rule for you friend as well.

Hi mayjee,

It goes without saying that anyone who goes against the law of the land may and could get themselves into trouble. More so for an expatriate, who is living as a second-class citizen, in a foreign land.

The person who commits an offence, and knows what he / she has done is illegal in a another country, other than his / her own, would have to constantly live under the shadow of fear and justifiable anxiety.

Yes, there are scores who still bend, or break the rules and continue as though all is well. Yet, how long lady luck will smile upon them is something unpredictable.

If caught by the authorities, for any sort of misdemeanor, then the ensuing repercussions would certainly make the violation unworthy in the first place.

Hi Mayjee,

The advice of a professional might also help in this case, please feel free to contact some lawyers. There is a firm listed in our business directory : … s/lawyers/ .


Priscilla  :cheers:

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