Finaly will visit Moscow

:)  good morning dear friends.
finaly i took the decision to visit moscow in new year eve. so waiting for any information can be useful a bout my trip.
thanks bodies. :cheers:

Hello heba7400 :cheers:

Kindly note that your thread has been moved to the Moscow forum.

I invite you to browse the forum by categories. The Leisure and things to do in Moscow forum category has threads that can bring you some information ;)


when will you visit?  new year ?


yes. but my brother said it will be sooooo cold  :o  and snowy so i dont know
iam confused.
what do you think?

hi well when exactly are you thinking of coming here? I just arrived yesterday from Prague and the weather is beautiful now.  Are you coming in the winter?


heba7400 and praguecr, what kind of information are you looking for ? Do not hesitate to ask me, since I've been living here sooooooo looooooong.  I will be happy to advice or guide you with the information what I know.

hi my dears , i will visit moscow for 1st time for toutism visit so i wish you can guide me where best place i need to stay and where is halal food i can find to eat , and what best places i need to visit .

waiting for your kindly reply .

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