Charity events for company


Im working for a company that employs around 80 people atm.

Im looking to some charity event, where we could participiate as whole company, charity run, walk etc.

It is really difficult to find that kind of events from internet/facebook, does anyone of you have any ideas.

The event should be at the end of may/beginning of june.


Hello I would like to help you.
Now first of all any money your company raise MUST go to a good cause WITHOUT any payments/deductions to anyone.
You MUST ensure that every 'penny' raised goes to the nominated charity source.
About 5 years ago I joined an International Charity Organisation which not only raises funds for Local,National and International deserving causes but is an organisation with over 1.2 million members in over 200 countries worldwide and every member is commited to helping people less fortunate than themselves.
Every penny raised goes directly to the nominated charity and is self administered by Rotary to ensure this happens. As an example Rotary has self administered the eradication of Polio WORLDWIDE with only 2 countries still to be 'polio free' ......Afganistan and Pakistan.
As mentioned they help local and National charities as well and I have some contact details for you
they meet every Monday in St Julians at by email
secretary[at]     or
I am a member of The Rotary Club of Blaby Meridian in the UK my position in my club is Communications so I thought that if you wanted to ensure that all your staffs fund raising efforts go to a really worthwhile cause just contact The Rotary Club of Malta.....they will be pleased to help you and talk to you about various options and how your event can be orgsnised in a fun way for your staff if you need any advice.
The Rotary Club of Malta and Sicily have 4,200 members in 91 clubs.
The members give up their time to help people all over the World who are less fortunate than us.
I am in Malta on 1st September and will be pleased to know 'how you got on'.
In the meantime please do not hesitate to ask me any questions...I enjoy helping others.
Good Luck....Tartanjimmy

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