after yet another very irritating all day power cut other day, was wondering are these random or are they actually planned - and if so is there a website where these cuts are listed?

Yes there is a site but it may or may not be accurate. If it is a planned maintenance outage then it should be listed....

You will need to know your circuit - its on your bill.

And in Dominican Today they are reporting a major electricity production plant will be offline for 26 days of maintenance. Does not matter that it is in  Santo Domingo it will effect us all.

>You will need to know your circuit - its on your bill.

Ahh ok thanks for info   but sadly dont have bill electric bill, is included in the apartment block where I live and doubt the porter has the info.

>And in Dominican Today they are reporting a major electricity production plant will >be offline for 26 days of maintenance. Does not matter that it is in  Santo Domingo it >will effect us all.

Oh dear that is not good news :-(
I still recall that nightmare a couple of weeks ago, when it was off for longer than usual, the whole day and most of the night too.
It was stinking hot, so no fan, no water so not able to shower, no toilet flush so was stinking out the apartment after the emergency water container I keep handy also  ran out.
It was a bloody nightmare and not everybody here, like the block where I live, has backup systems and dont think even back up systems can cope with such long cuts.

Well, I actually thought the situation was getting better as we had a relatively long period without any electric problems, but I should have known better!
I doubt if this bunch will ever get their act together.

Other day I thought to myself -Christ this is the 21st century.... I don't have to live like this!
There are other places in the world with sunshine and beaches where they can manage the basics of life!
Plus the other hassles like the rising crime rate (we had yet another tourist, a Canadian murdered in Sosua a week or so ago) And Dominicans suffer from this too, probably even more than Gringos. Its only when you talk with locals you see how bad its getting. Out if 9 Dominican friends I have, 7 been robbed at knife/gunpoint the last 10 months (one poor guy on two occasions)
Reckon perhaps it's time to hit the Internet and search for an alternative spot in the sun!

If you are on the north coast  you can look at the web site for ede Norte  However not always accurate but they usually have the days correct for scheduled blackouts but like most Dominicans have the same lack of time awareness :)


ok thanks Bob will look at that, might help to plans these things a bit   but wont hold my breath :-)

and those unplanned short cuts several times day are damn nuisance too,  plays havoc with ones electronics...

You can look up your circuit by the street and area as well, its just a bit of a pain in the you know what.

Electricity now is much better then it was  10 years ago. And you can solve this problem tp -  move to a place with  backup OR buy an inverter and batteries.  2 batteries will keep you in  a fan and tv for  6 to 8  hours.  Or just a fan for a good long time! 

Money solves almost everything here.....   :D

Which inverter and batteries do you recommend? Will it keep a wi-fi  router, laptop, voip phone and fan operational for 6-8 hours?

Inverter -  make sure it is not MADE here.   Batteries  Red Trojan.  I would buy  an inverter big enough for  4 batteries.  That will keep  what you listed 8 hours or more.  Make sure you  take care of your batteries!

24v inverter is great for household use.
As far as wattage, that will depend on what you need to power
Battery bank size will depend on how much running time you need. Do you generally have public power or hardly at all.
I, like Planner, like the red Trojan 6v golf cart battery.
I could help you more if you give that info but with inverters, unlike generators, should be twice the wattage you plan to use regularly. The manufacturer will tell you can you 75% of the inverters potential. But they just want you to keep buying inverters every couple of years.
Good luck!

Hello DR Yami and Planner thank you for your responses. I work from the internet and  will be needing my VOIP phone, Router, laptop a fan, light and possibly TV to be backed up. How much should I pay for a good one and what particular brands do you like? I can not miss any work due to blackouts. I hear most last 8-10 hours of backup time. Does that sound accuarate?

Thank you planner. 8 hours is all I need hopefully. How much should one pay for a complete system (inverter and batteries plus installation ? You use 4 red trojan Batteries? Any brand inverter you like? There is someone that says they make them for a living but I'm a little skeptical on that too

A girl that lives there told me that Red Trojan batteries cost around 6,500 pesos, or $144.44 for one battery . What does your entire system, inverter with batteries costs? You have 4 Red Trojan Batteries?

For my condo in town, which now has power 24/7 with some long blackouts, I keep my lights, 2 box fans, computer and modem running with a 12v 1500watt inverter powered by 4 6v Trojan T-105 batteries (the red ones)
On my farm, which is off grid, I use 24v 5000w inverter with 12 batteries which supplies me with all my power needs except I use propane refrigeration. Refrigeration being the highest power demand I find it cheaper to use the propane system.
Hope this helps

Thank you DRyami this definitely does help. A girl there told me one red trojan battery costs 6,500 pesos or $144.44 for just one battery. Do you have any suggestions on where I can buy lower priced red trojans? I will be in Santo Domingo. Any brand of inverter you prefer?

Pay the extra money to get  trojan batteries. You will be glad you did. Thry will be less expensive in SD.  Inverter brand Trace is good.

Generally speaking, when I buy big ticket items I check at least 3 places to find the best price. I haven't been down to the capital for a few years so I can't tell you what price to expect but yes Trojan T-105's are more expensive but will last at least 5 years if you maintain them. Which brings us to inverters. I use inverters that allow you to adjust the charging voltage so you can "equalize" your batteries when you top off the water. The most user friendly brand is Trace but too expensive for me. I've had great luck with Inesf brand inverters. But the main thing you'll want is to buy one from somewhere that will honor a warranty in case you get a lemon and need to replace it or service it.

Thank you very much planner. I'm very excited I now may have a solution to stay out there longer this time. I've been thinking about it awhile but always ran into electricity/wi fi issues but hopefully this takes care of half the problem. Thanks again.

Thank you DrYami  this was extremely helpful. I really appreciate it.

Really good points made - savings doesn't mean much if there is no guarantee!!! Get guarantees in writing - verbal guarantees are worthless!!!

Hey Planner, How much is the Red Trojan 6v batteries and how much is the Trace Inverter and how much is the cables and finally how much is the installation? Someone is quoting me 21,000 pesos for everything. Does that seem high? One website I read said 17,000 pesos for trojan batteries with a 3.0 watt inverter. How many watts do I need for the inverter to last 10 hours?

Actually a family friend of the girl I am seeing is installing it for free so that seems high to me for free installation but what are your thoughts?

Trojan batteries are about 5,800 rd.each.  no idea on current pricing on the inverter. Short cables are 249 rd each. Longer are uo to 800 rd each.

Installation alwats depends on your actual situation.

Your inverter lasting 10 hours will depend what yiu are trying to run!

And rememver sometimes a "free" i stallation can be expensive in the long run. Make sure they actually know what they are doing!

What know what they are doing.  A Dominican worker will ALWAYS tell you he know what he is doing, especially when he actually had NO idea at all :D   :D   :D

Bob K

Thank you for your reply. You must have a good inverter since you have not replaced it in awhile.
Trace correct ? I will definetly be getting that brand.

Thanks Bob oh yes I know all too well about them saying they how what they're doing and having a hazard on my hands later

There is a very simple reason that they always say they know what they are doing. They equate ignorance with stupidity! They were ever taught the difference between the two.  There is no shame in ignorance, it just means you don't know something, not that you can't learn it.

Sorry I disagree.  Most times they actually believe they know what they are doing!  For them good enough is good enough!

Yep good enough is the motto many times and that is why there are a white and a green wire at the light switch and a blue and red one at the light.

Bob K

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