Expat gathering in Belo Horizonte - May 14th!

Hey everyone!

I am organizing a meeting for expats who are in Belo Horizonte or nearby, to get to know each other in a friendly gathering.
The meeting will take place Saturday May 14th, at Speciali Pizza Bar in Lourdes around 19h30. The address is Rua Fernandes Tourinho, 805.
Afterwards we could continue the evening in a boteco or in a bar in Savassi.
If you are up for the encounter, I’ll need you to send me a message confirming your presence please, and how many people are coming with you, so I can make a table reservation.

If you need any further information you can contact me anytime here through private messaging. I’ll be checking my Expat account often.

Hope you’ll join us!


Congratulations.   Great job!!!!!!

As I live in Macae, I will not be able to attend in person, only in heart.

Hello Kay25 :cheers:

Do not forget to create an event about it and invite as much friends as possible.


My wife and I live in Chicago and we are hoping to retire to Belo Horizonte  after she retires in two years.  She is Brazilian and most of her family lives in Novo Progresso. She was born in Itapanhoacanga which is near Concecao do Mato Dentro. I am an American.

It's very encouraging to find that there are ex-pats living in Belo Horizonte who communicate and socialize.

We go to Brazil fairly often but likely not this year (2016) as we have been there three years running.

Hoping to connect with you in the future.

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