Visiting Johannesburg

Dear all,
Hope this finds you well.
I am living in New Zealand and planning to visit Cape Town for a conference in June.
I am really interested to visit Johannesburg as well. Could someone please advise me if 3 days would be enough to spend time in Johannesburg and what would be my priorities to visit as I have only limited time there. Does anyone have any ideas on the expenses as well?
I was checking the tours and as far as I understood they are not for solo travelers.

Any suggestions would be a great help.

Many thanks

Hello Pouya and welcome on board :cheers:

I invite you to check out threads in the forum section Leisure and things to do in Johannesburg to gather infos on what you could possibly visit in Jo'burg while waiting for members to share some tips. ;)


Dear Kenjee
Thanks so much for your suggestion. Sure I will have a look  :)

Many Thanks,

That's an odd one Pouya ... you wouldn't really bother with Johannesburg unless you had existing business there (most national head offices are located there). It's true that there are a few 'touristy' game farms set up around Johannesburg to give visiting foreigners there on business a quick taste of the African experience, but your better bets are much further away (e.g. the famous Kruger National Park to the north, or the Addo Elephant Park in the Eastern Cape).

As for 'fun things to do in Johannesburg', I think people from Johannesburg are still trying to work that out for themselves :D Entertainment is basically visiting the nearest mall or bar, and for that you can just as well stay in Cape Town.

If you do find yourself in Johannesburg, it all depends on whether you're interested in South Africa's cultural history (there are some museums if that's your sort of thing), or for the true 'touristy' experience you have to visit Montecasino (a casino that also has a quaint indoor shopping and dining district). To answer your question, I wouldn't allocate too many days to it. Also, for safety reasons, don't think about doing too much walking.

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