Freelancing and Making a Living

I'm funding my travels through freelancing and consulting. Expenses are low as I usually get a rental with friends or house sit (I used to house sit and pet sit a lot in the US). It's over a year now and I'm getting the hang of slow travel and plan to do this long term. I want to see more of Mexico before heading to Costa Rica.

How do you fund your travel?

For those who work, do you find it challenging to balance work and play?

Much better to have an online job.  You can't work legally in Mexico just because you want to. I can imagine part time house sitting for rent but you still need food and travel money.

The only way you can bounce around from job to job is if you have a Permanent Resident Visa.  Without it you are illegal and could be deported

I agree @sparksmex, it's better to have work online or some sort of remote work!

Thanks for the info here.    I am hoping, once I am in Mexico for the winter months, to still be able to counsel and tutor.     I'm going to need a VERY good web designer!

rubytue60  I suggest having it set up before you go. Many good web designers out there... you can approach a firm or if you are looking to save, try

HI Nila-
Thank you!

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