Looking for a new home for my cat

Hello, I am looking for someone who will be kind enough to rehome my three year-old cat. She is a beautiful black female, spayed and dewormed indoors cat. She is a warm, calm and polite cat who is loved and cared for in return. To my deepest regret, I am moving abroad and I am unable to take her with me. Thank you in advance for your help

Hello Aurelie2016 and welcome on board

Are you giving this pet in Istanbul please?


Yes, we are currently in Çorlu, but I can take her to Istanbul. Thank you!

Hey again!

I invite you to drop an advert in the Istanbul pets classifieds together with your contact details so that those interested can easily revert back to you. ;)


Thank you for your help, it's actually a very good idea. Have a great day!

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