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Hi, I'm studying abroad majoring in psychology and will be in Mauritius for my summer break (4 months).  I'm wondering whether there are volunteering opportunities related to my major in Mauritius.  Any advice please?

I looked for opportunities also but found nothing :/ Good luck :)

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Maybe some hints here : … r-abroad-1 … -volunteer … -mauritius

@ Chillwill, For Psychology, i don't really know, but i am sure you will definitely find something when you will be here, talk around you.

For the time being, you may contact Chrysalide and inquire.


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There are quite a few NGOs here but they tend to be very small and don't have the sort of opportunities that you might find in some countries.
You could contact la pont du Tamarinier and see if they have something
lepontdutamarinier[at]gmail . com

I was looking for volunteer oppportunities in MU as well. Check out this one
I hope this one would help. :)
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Have a look at the ActTogether Mauritius website which is for all NGO's and charity sector organisations here. They advertise and recruit volunteers on this site. Might be good to check every two weeks or so.
Good luck
Jean-Marc Michel

can help u out.... must talk.........

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