Cake business in Sohar?

Hello, I recently moved to Sohar from Abu Dhabi. While in Abu Dhabi, I was running a very busy home baking business. I had a good clientel and regular income although I was working full time as an interior designer.
     Since moving here, I'm finding it hard to connect to people who might be interested in ordering custom cakes or desserts... I would be heartbroken if I had to stop my passion... Is the scope for a custom cake business bleak in Sohar?
     I was planning to open up a storefront but seeing how I have had just one order in the past 3 months, it looks futile :( Can someone recommend the best way to approach this?

My page is YumZee Cuppycakes on facebook and IG...

Hi shamna,

Good to know about your passion and dont be upset as in oman it takes time . Be positive and about even a single client ask them to review on the cake on your page and also you should boost up with some offers. i know a lady here who bakes cake, i would appreciate the way she deal with the customer. i had ordered a cake and it came out with the perfect design as expected but i had tried with a flavour which was new to me. but unfortunately look was excellent but me and the party visitors were not happy with taste and i conveyed the same to her . she immediately apologized and came up with an offer saying she would give me a choclate cake and i would share with my party visitors too.Because of her good attitude i made sure i shared with my friends and also made sure a good opinion is formed about her i see she comes up with very good cake designs and customer reviews.

thought this would help you in some way. you will have to try different ways.

the above said is only to boost up, and about oman rules i am not sure about. sorry if i am wrong acccordingly.

please anyone suggest what the law says about baking at home .


Thank you for your reply Monica... :) I definitely want to have a storefront rather than bake at home...that was the plan when I relocated to Oman....but the lack of any actual interest from people around has made me rethink the idea.... Back in Abu Dhabi I had a lot of customers who came back to me everytime they needed a cake and I managed to keep a good relation with them.... Hopefully things pick up so I don't have to give up on my dream..... I think I'm a little worried that if I open a shop and still don't have a response, it would have all been for nothing...

Hi shamna89,

yes what you say is right? if things doesn't work then that would be a loss. But compare to Abu Dhabi here its quite slow and specially compare to muscat in sohar you have to put in more effort. Ideally its good to observe the result and plan ahead mean time its also good to know about the restrictions in oman so as it should not effect .

all the best and hope let more opportunities pour in your passion.

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