Looking for House insurance?

Looking for House insurance for rental home.. is there any option in germany? if yes, please help me guys..

You can find and compare offers here.

Romaniac Experts Team

A house insurance ("Wohngebaeudeversicherung") can only be bought by the owner, not a tenant.
If you mean a household content insurance ("Hausratsversicherung"), then use the link given by Romaniac above.

Thanks guys.. let me check and feedback if i need any help on this topic..

If you rent, the building should be insured over the owner or owners association. Like Beppi mentioned, a policy to cover your household possessions is easily available and costs start at roughly 100 euros or so a year. Prices can vary accordingly to the many possible conditions. It’s important to understand exactly what is covered. A friend of mine met with an insurance broker and showed them his studio where he worked as an artist. They were informed this was his work space. A fire destroyed everything in it and it turned out that the coverage sold him was only for private contents and since his possessions were work related, they didn’t cover them. This was a not a mistake or miscalculation on his part but on the insurance broker’s.

What followed was a years long court case and he lost and is now destitute. They said the ultimate responsibility was for him to read through that pile of technical jargon in fine print in German on the contract rather than trust the broker’s assurances. Not to scare people but better safe than sorry and to point out that the judicial system in Germany is not always fair or straight forward. Household content insurance is highly recommended but make sure the policy is the most appropriate to your situation, get things in writing and have someone objective look it over before signing.

Thank you for very much.. what you told was true.. and it happened to me in the same way for different contract(house) type.

Finally, i found that my company has some tie-up with insurance who provides the complete insurance coverage for all my household things..

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