Tamatave vacation, know as Toamasina

What would a family find in Tamatave these days for a vacation experience?

What is the security situation like now?
What are some fun things to do for a family?

What are the hotels like for a family?  As in no sex tourist  hotels, there are many that  cater to sex tourists even thought they have posters of young girls that say no sex tourism and right behind the counter of the reservation desk while they check in some old man that is bent over like a question mark with a teenager girl. 

What are some nice hotels to stay at, and please no hotels that quote prices in euros. Any hotel that quotes in euros is like saying to the tourist-"bend over"   A hotel must give prices in the currency of the country.  Mom and pop hotels that don't advertise can be really good and can be full much of the time for they have a good reputation and a good price.

Fun places to eat---good clean gargottes or family restaurants are nice.

Prices for taxi or tuk tuk?

Good place to buy street food.  I like street food because I can see the food being cooked and in the restaurants you have the illusion that the food is good but not true and a price  is 5 times the price.

Do I eat in restaurants, yes. I do look at their kitchens and the cooks especially the ones that pick their nose while they cook my meal. I was a chef when I was in my youth so I know something about food. 

So I am looking for information about Tamatave- the good the bad and the ugly.
Thank you


do you need yet the informations ? , excuse-me for my response so late because i dont never read the English topic.

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