Iqama Transfer Problem

I'm originally from Pakistan but I have lived in Jeddah for almost 11 years now I'm 20 now but this isn't about me it's about well.. My family
So here's the thing
My dad lost his job in binladin a few years back and after that he has been working with this guy I'm not gonna name names but let's say Mr. X.. My dad is an engineer but he worked with X as a business partner for 8 months
Mr X is our kafeel we are a family of four.. So anyway my dad worked for 8 months he X never paid him EVER my dads contract said he'll get 30,000 per month and X was always like yeah I'll give it to you wait wait wait and he never did my dad was quiet because he was scared of the whole iqama situation cause X was always like I'll put exit on you if you keep asking for your salary bla bla... And now my dad after 8 months finally FINALLY got a job in some company as an engineer again and X is now NOT giving my dad his transfer instead he's asking my dad for money and the contract he gave my dad he wants it back
So last week my dad gave him the contract back because my dad don't want the money he owe us he just wants his iqama transfer that's all but X is just taking money from us now he's like yeah give me the money I wasted on you for 8 months and I'll give you the transfer
I wish my dad hadn't given him the contract back but we still have the photocopy of it...
We have given him almost 8000 riyal now he says its for our insurance companies and everything he gave us WHICH HE DIDN'T
I'm worried because I think X will fuck this up and he'll take the money and not even give my dad his transfer

Is there anyway we can do something about him?? It's so simple we don't even want his money we literally just want the transfer of the iqamas THAT IS ALL

Hello Shamikhan1996 :cheers:

Welcome on board

Sorry to read what is happening to your dad!

Your best bet would be to contact your embassy as quickly as possible and explain your dad's situation!

Wish you luck and have faith that everything should turn out ok!


If what you have said up there is true , then system and laws are in the favor of your dad and he should take contract copy and complain at Labor office. He must insist that he wants his rights. Giving up salary and rights will give an impression that he didnt actually worked with Mr. X and will make his case weak. Labor office can also be reached at 19911 or through their page in facebook and twitter.

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