Which is the best school in Nairobi?

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I'm searching for a better school for my 4 year old kid in Nairobi. Could anyone recommend the best school? I would like to go with the British school system. Can anybody throw some  light on this please?

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Hi, our daughter is in KENSINGTON School on Othaya Road, Lavington, Kindergarten and goes up to 1st Primary.
Should check it out!

Hello, the schools that spring to mind are the following:

Braeburn Group - schools in a number of locations, such as Lavington and Garden Estate.

St Christophers, in Karen.

Nairobi Jaffery Academy, Lavington, which is an Islamic school.

I have some experience of Braeburn Schools, having placed our Granddaughter in their school in Thika.  We withdrew her in favour of the Kenyan system because we felt that the fees were vastly inflated versus the standard of teaching and discipline.  I think that UK system schools seem to charge higher fees generally, than their Kenyan counterparts.  This may be OK if you are an expat whose employer is funding the education, but otherwise in my opinion, the Kenyan 8-4-4 system is actually better.

ISK hands down!!

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