China: online database to track expat talent

Hello everyone,

Are you working in China or looking forward to move there? This should interest you.

China should soon launch an electronic database so as to keep track of foreign manpower.

According to Chinese media reports, this database will particularly include the nationality of foreign professionals on the spot, their field of expertise, industry, city of residence, as well as their employers' details, etc.

Given the development and internationalization of Chinese companies and brands, this database should help employers find the right candidate for available positions. Indeed, many sectors in China are constantly seeking foreign expertise.

Moreover, the number of professional arrivals in China, whether on the long or short term, has increased by 30% 2011 to 2015, that is a total of 3 million employees.

So if you are looking for a new professional venture in China, why not try your luck?

Thanks for the info, am preparing for my MSc and hopefully get a job there. But I heard that your chances of getting job depends on your fluent in Chinese language. How true is that statement.

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