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I currently moved to San Miguel de Allende and am looking for a job.
I have 3 years as an office assistant. I've worked as an English teacher and in sales.
If anyone knows of a job offer of any sorts I will appreciate it so much! I haven't had luck in finding anything
Thanks again

Hi tania_her,

Welcome to :)

Maybe you can try your luck and post an ad in the Jobs in San Miguel de Allende section. Please feel free to choose the section which is the most appropriate for you.

I also suggest you to contact some recruitment agencies.

Thanks and Good luck,

Priscilla  :cheers:

Are you legal to work in Mexico ??

Yes I am, everything is sorted in that area.

tania_her :

Yes I am, everything is sorted in that area.

Ah ...... you must have a Permanent Resident Visa.   Very good.  Any employer should check for that

my name is Antonio Rosales
I'm fairly new around here myself
I'm currently working as a sales rep
At Casa Armida we are located on Ancha De San Antonio next door to Instituto Allende if you are bilingual you have good
Chance to get hired especially with your skills
Good luck!

Are they hiring at the moment?

They are , now is a very good time to apply
The pay for sales people is not very good
We rely mostly on our comissions.
And that could be a roller coaster ride
But it's a start , you might get to meet some people and make new friends
That will open doors for you .

Best wishes
Antonio R.

Can you tell me how much the salary is?

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