Looking for new friends :)

Hi There :)  , i live and work in Dubai and i would like to meet new people to share experiences and life stories :) , add or message me .


Sudhii :


Hello Sudhii :cheers:

Can you please explain your post?!  :/


Hi,I am in Alain ,looking  for any suitable friend we might suit eachother ok, please reply me introduce urself in detail
, see u later

Hi there! What do you do for a living? How is life in Dubai?

hi, that s good if you wana open a new company let me your business partner ??

No dear,I am not looking to start any company,just was interested to find a lady friend

never mind , you are welcome

Thanks  for reply, i feel to be late to answer u, please ignore my laziness,replying ur question <working as aviation engineer at Alain airport ,I am not in Dubai, I work in Aalin n live in Alain ,welcome  ,feel pleasure  and hope we can be friends if ur attitide matches mine ,write me little in detail  about u ,it will be better u know before we go ahead ok waiting ur answer .

welcome,any time u come to Alain ,if u get time we can meet ,either i come  to u  if i go to Dubaiif u need to call me , i will  send  u my mobile number ,ok we may prove nice friends

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